4 minor mistakes that can seriously affect the skin during bathing

sheraz 23 Nov , 2021 430 123

Skin is a major part of human beauty and attractiveness and to protect it people use expensive creams and lotions but they make a few mistakes in their routine that turn all this hard work into the water during bathing. There are also mistakes that can damage the skin and make it look dull and dry.

Dermatologists have pointed out these mistakes and suggested ways to avoid them which can make your skin beautiful and attractive.

Washing your face: Most people spray hot water from the shower on their face, which damages the skin cells and damages the skin. Experts say that this is why you should wash your face with cold or plain tap water. Although some people believe that cold water does not close the pores of the skin, but it is better for your skin to do so. Sword says that finally washing the face with cold water increases the movement of skin cells which gives a glow to the face.

The shower is better than bathing: Experts say that bathing in the shower is better than bathing in the bathtub, but it depends on how fast your shower works. According to a study conducted by Waterwise, bathing should be done for only 5 minutes under the shower which is less water wasted but some people bathe for more than 10 minutes which affects the skin and also loses some water. People use power showers but 5 minutes of bathing under them wastes more water.

Avoid excessive bathing: Experts say bathing was not a daily practice in ancient times, but in 1927 the Association of American Soap and Glycerin Producers set up a cleaning company to promote soap, and Promoted American author Catherine Eisenberg writes in her book that she made people take a bath after coming out of the toilet, before eating and after getting up in the morning after going to bed, but the fact is that too much bathing is not good for the skin. Experts say that the majority of bacteria that accumulate on the skin are beneficial for the skin and these bacteria act as a shield for the skin against germs. Excessive bathing by dermatologists can sometimes lead to skin infections.

Do not dry the skin after bathing: Most people dry the skin with a towel or brush (loofah) after bathing but it is very harmful to the skin. Loofah causes germs to enter the skin easily which can lead to skin diseases. Can cause Wet skin after bathing helps healthy bacteria to grow. However, if people want to use a towel or loaf, then they must wash their towels once a week.