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General Questions

This section outlines the Terms of Use of evento Race. Evento Race is merely a platform for event planning and management and is not a product, business, vendor, agent, or representative of any of the aforementioned. We work neutrally to promote the servicees of vendors to the general public.

The Terms of Use govern the policies of interaction between the customers (referred to as "Clients" or "Customers" in this section) and our registered vendors on the website. The two entities collectively referred to as "Parties" will be connected to book a particular service or product. After the transaction and communication are done, the two Parties may continue to do business according to the Terms and Conditions of the individual Vendor.

Evento Race does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, safety, or legality of the bookings made via our website, and we are not responsible for the behavior or actions of a particular Vendor or Customer. We will advertise the Vendor's services on our website, and the Customer may choose to interact with the Vendor through us. Otherwise, we have no control over any communication, transaction, or agreement.

By using our website, both Vendors and Customers acknowledge that Evento Race does not endorse or provide any product and service, and only advertises the products and services of its Registered Vendors. Evento Race is not a service provider. All communication and agreement made between a Vendor and a Customer via our website are constituted between the two Parties, and Evento Race is not a party to the transaction or agreement. We will not intercede between the matters of a Vendor and a Customer.

We encourage our Vendors to provide accurate and credible information when registering themselves on Evento Race. Other than this, we cannot guarantee or validate the credibility or authenticity of the information that they provide on our website.

It is acknowledged and agreed by all involved Parties that all Vendors on the Evento Race website are independent service providers and vendors, and have no sort of partnership or joint venture with Evento Race.

The Terms of Use are binding; however, they may be changed at our absolute discretion. These terms are effective from 1st January, 2020.


We do not charge any registration or signing fees from the Vendors or Customers. Evento Race will remain free for the Customers, whereas we will charge our Vendors a fee on every transaction (referred to as the "Transaction fees" that will take place via our platform.

Schedule of Payment

The Vendor is liable to pay 50% of the Transaction fees at the time of successful order booking, after receiving an electronic invoice via email. The Vendor may pay according to the preferred mode of payment agreed by Evento Race and the Vendor. The other 50% is to be paid at least seven (7) business days before the scheduled date of the event. This payment schedule is binding, and cannot be amended. In case the scheduled date is less than seven (7) business days away from the booking date, the Vendor will pay 100% of the Transaction fees at the time of successful order booking, after receiving an electronic invoice via email. The Vendor may pay according to the preferred mode of payment agreed by Evento Race and the Vendor.

If the Customer opts for a certain package mentioned on the Evento Race website, but decides to amend or add something to it, they may contact the Vendor directly. In this case, Evento Race will not be liable to intercede on behalf of the Customer or Vendor in any scenario. Evento Race will also not be liable or responsible for any transaction or additional items which are booked or paid for externally, i.e. in person or on call.

Cancellation and Refunds

As mentioned above, the correspondence of the Customer and Vendor after completion of the transaction will be conducted according to the Terms and conditions of the Vendor's business or company; The Terms and Conditions of Evento Race are in effect as long as our website is being used.

In the case of cancellation and refunds, the Vendors' individual policy will be applied, which can be seen on their Vendor profile, if provided, or on their individual websites. Evento Race will not be held responsible or liable to pay any damages in case of any financial loss or physical harm occurred due to cancellation of a booking by either of the Parties involved. Evento Race reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking by providing a valid reason, or by order of any Governmental body or authority.

The Vendor can put in a request for cancellation of an order by visiting their portal on our website and applying for cancellation. The request will be reviewed by the Administration of Evento Race, and if the cancellation is successful, the Vendor may have to bear cancellation charges as decided prior to the booking.

In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, be it an Act of God, a natural disaster, or due to any political/security situation in the city, or any situation beyond the control of the Vendor, if an event is canceled by the Vendor, the Vendor will be solely responsible for it, and Evento Race will not be held liable or responsible for the consequences that follow. In such a circumstance, it is the sole and absolute discretion of the Vendor to issue or deny a full or partial refund.

In the event of an unsatisfactory service provided by any Vendor, Evento Race will not be held responsible for any action or behavior of the Vendor that might lead to the dissatisfaction. All matters must be resolved by the Vendor and the Customer.

Promo Codes/Special Offers

On Evento Race, we will introduce and promote special packages provided by the Vendors, which the Customers would be able to avail through our website. The Vendor would also be able to introduce promo codes or special offers during a specific season or time period. However, we do not sell, provide, or endorse any of the goods and services that we advertise on behalf of the Vendor. The Vendor will be solely responsible to deliver the goods and services that are promised, and will also be responsible for the quality of the services and goods provided. The Vendor will be solely responsible for any loss, damage, defamation, or threat due to the aforementioned offers, and Evento Race will not entertain any claim or complaint on behalf of the Vendor.

Additional terms and conditions may be contained on each offer. Violation of those terms and conditions will revoke the offer. Evento Race reserves the right to stop an ongoing offer or promotion without notice. After the expiry date of the offer, it may not be availed.

Event Timings

The Customer will follow the Terms and Conditions set by the Vendor for his own business or company. Evento Race will not intervene or intercede in any matter or agreement which is conducted externally between the Customer and Vendor. The event timings will be agreed upon between the Customer and Vendor, and Evento Race may only add it to the database.


Both the Customer and Vendor agree that Evento Race will not be responsible or liable to pay any damages to either Party in the event of an action initiated by either party which disrupted or caused any harm. Matters will be resolved solely between the Vendor and Customer, and Evento Race will not be Party to any proceedings.


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