Desi Chicken Chow Mein Recipe

sheraz 20 Apr , 2021 1512 123

Most Pakistanis like Chinese food. Indigenous style Chinese food. It cannot be weak, yet it must have the scent of soy sauce and sesame oil so that it can pretend to be Asian.

We have tried a variety of Chow Mein recipes, but somehow they do not meet all our needs: spicy, flavorful, the right balance of vegetables and noodles, veggie.

Full preparation time   = 15 min

Cooking time                = 25 min

For how many people = 3


  1. Two to three chapattis
  2. Salt to taste
  3. A teaspoons crushed garlic
  4. Chicken breasts one piece
  5. Green onions two to three pieces
  6. Carrots a number
  7. Cabbage a small number
  8. Capsicum one piece
  9. A tablespoons vinegar
  10. A tablespoons soy sauce
  11. A tablespoons chili sauce
  12. Half a teaspoon of ground black pepper
  13. Three to four tablespoons of cooking oil

Step by Step Instructions for cooking 

Step One: to make this unique dish, take fresh or one day old chapatti, roll it, and cut it like fine spaghetti with the help of scissors.

Step Two: Wash the chicken breasts and keep them in the freezer for a while then cut them into thin strips.

Step Three: In a frying pan, heat the cooking oil lightly, finely chop the white part of the green onion and fry lightly. Then add garlic, chicken, and fry.

Step Four: When the chicken turns golden, add salt, pepper and chili sauce and fry for three to four minutes.

Step Five: Then add chopped cabbage, carrots, capsicum and bread strips just like bread and fry.

Step Six: Finally add vinegar, soy sauce and finely chopped green onion leaves and cover. Remove from the heat after three to four minutes.

Step Seven: Take out in a hot dish and serve with custom green sauce or tomato ketchup.